Repurposed Vintage as Well Loved & Worn-In as Your Soul

My name is Lo - a total Lo-Life (get it? haha.. I know I'm corny)  I'm from Vancouver - Canada and I'm just trying to keep one less thing from your local landfill ~ hand embroidering & re-purposing clothing one super soft vintage tee at a time.

Now I know some of you hear this and think "wow what a hippie" and I am - but more of a grunge + classic rock hippie than a granola crunching, juice cleansing west coast robot. I love working with vintage//thrifted goods because you get some of the softest, most durable apparel + it's one of a kind! In these days of perpetual STUFF, I want to re-make and re-love apparel into something you don't ever want to let go of. I want you to wear this till it falls apart! 

All designs are hand-crafted & hand stitched - nothing will be 100% perfect ~ but who wants it to be... this clothing has character ♡

Please note that the vintage clothing maybe have minor wear & tear or marks due to their pre-loved nature - wear & tear will be documented in the postings. Also sizing may vary - but I try to keep within conventional sizes. I apologize in advance if something is way off - but give me a shout and I'll right my wrong, no worries!

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